View Full Version : After last minor patch new language is selected

02-11-2017, 02:59 PM
Although I commend the Kyrilic art, after the minor patch the selected Contract Orders ( the ones that have numbers ), are listed in Russian. I have a Spanish IP, usually the sites direct me to the Spanish version but never happened in a game for me, moreover in a wrong language.

No Ubisoft, I do not understand Kyrillic. Please change back to English.

It is mindblowing, the fact that the Canadian and German developers and most importantly the leadership involved in this project cannot implement this the way it should've been implemented - you try to fix one thing, 3 other things break, now we have 4 broken things. I understand it's a great idea, a gold mine $$$, but it will all go unexploited in the end if you continue down this path. Maybe it is not in your thought process the fact that you expose yourself to this kind of a risk by releasing the game in just 3 days with this amount of issues. People are already getting their money back from the pre-order.
Maybe they are perfectionists like me and do not like being sold a good idea which is badly implemented.
It is time to take action on the people's complaints and thoroughly improve your communication between your internal staff, not to mention awareness to these forums and communicate back on important issues, not the PR/Marketing stuff. People are complaining about peer 2 peer, ladder bug, class balance and so on. Online combat game but actually not. I cannot decide whether it was my fault or it's the connection of the other player advantage. Not when I am sure I am blocking in that direction and nothing happens. Not when I spam SPACE key bar and nothing happens.

Anyway, I'm drifting off now, you understand the idea. U made a good 3d combat game, but if you want it to succeed and that means u as well, u should stop selling and start investing in your own game.

One of your new customers.