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02-11-2017, 01:40 PM

I contacted Ubisoft facebook page and been told to post this on here as they cannot see a problem with the wording...

I created a task force called Tactical Operations Unit (TOU) and I want the following as a desctiption for the task force as its also on PS4 & PC due to help with friends its over free platforms

We would like the following:

Tactical Operations Unit (TOU) was established in early 2017 to mount a comprehensive attack against organised drug traffickers. Today TOU is a joint task force with the UK Covert Deployment Squad & US Attorneys office. Our joint strategy is to brake down the drug connections starting with Bolivia....

Our first mission is to brake down from the bottom up is El Sueno one of number 4 biggest drug lords with massive connections.


But apprently I am breaking the terms of service etc due to the wording.... Any help would be appreciated.


02-11-2017, 06:16 PM
BREAK not BRAKE... :p

02-12-2017, 12:20 AM
any links to the terms of service you are supposed to be breaking ?

could it be you worded as if you are a real life task force using a real life department (US attorney) or does everyone do that ?
there is a difference between a fantasy and reality setting,i can write a book about soldiers in the SAS and base the main character on myself but i can't go around claiming i am or was in the SAS because that would be a flat out lie.

that last sentence is just terrible,it reads really poorly.perhaps there is a rule about grammar and spelling.

02-12-2017, 05:02 PM
Considering Ubisofts track record when it comes to these things, it would not suprise me if its the word "drug".