View Full Version : NAT Networking is bugged

02-11-2017, 01:31 PM
Game looks for NATed connections over Public connections.
I have a NIC with a Public IP and a NIC with a private ( range.
The Public IP is listed in all tables first and is the default route. However the game insists on looking for and using the NATted connection over the Public IP.

The only way I can force the game to use the Public IP is to disable my NIC to the Internal network. As you may guess this causes a number of issues as network resources some applications are expecting, dissapear.

It should take much to look for a Public IP first instead of expecting that everyone has a NATted connection first.

Ok, update. After another game restart (yes, yet another restart), the game shows my NAT Type as "Strict" except, it isn't. I'm on a Public IP and the NATted connection is now disabled completely.

Spending 5-10 minutes to find a match only to be, thrown from the match either for a networking error or or the ambiguous "unable to follow the leader" is getting irritating. I've spent the last 90 minutes looking for matches and NOT PLAYING. If this is an indication of the final quality of the product, I think I'm going to get my Gold pre-order refunded.