View Full Version : Move from P2P to server hosted party/squad?

02-11-2017, 12:45 PM

I've heard some talk that in your invitational stream you discussed moving from P2P based party/squad system to a server hosted one.
Is this true? If it is, when this would happen?

One of my dearest friends have tried to play Siege every time there has been a free wekeend, but there has been no luck getting to same party, because he plays through his mobile phone's LTE connection. This is actually quite common now in Finland and in many other European countries, but it seems it's not in America.
We tried For Honor's open beta and had the same issue, so I hope future Ubisoft title's won't have this issue anymore.
You cannot enable UPNP on Android phones as far as I know, which would probably solve the issue.