View Full Version : Played Alpha, Closed and Open Beta UBI CHANGED NOTHING

02-11-2017, 07:42 AM
Just under 100 hours of gameplay in all 3 tests now and if like me, youre looking for changes, THEY AINT COMING. Ive sat through all tests and nothing has changed besides player HP and attack values. If you say "dude its an alpha what you expect" and ""dude its a beta what you expect" youre wrong. This is simply another cash grab from UBI. Controller mapping was painted in every corner of alpha and beta forums, and still they dont bother to add a simple feature and give the community what they want. UBI saves costs by using awful laggy slow servers with P2P goodness. For once they have made such a good game FINALLY, and then they take a dump on it by giving their players awful support and connectivity. Its not like im raging because of characters, i have no problem with ANY characters and am JUST UNDER 100 HOURS so this is not a rage post. How do you expect a game which requires such small intervals for reactions and reflexes and put it on its current P2P crap servers.

Dont tell me im the only person who attacks a player who is guarding in the correct direction and then you hear the clash of swords and then you get a hit on the player.
Am i the only player who sees the execution buttons pop up and then they just vanish and game continues on.
Or when you see the enemy on no stamina with a grey bar and you push him over and he doesnt go down and just stands up still

UBISOFT if you think RANKED matchmaking and Tournaments will ever be taken serious by your community, think again or youll be looking at another Tom Clancy Division launch failure.

P.S only in beta and matchmaking and finding games is broken, cant wait to see what they like at launch.