View Full Version : Game is basically unplayable right now.

02-11-2017, 02:39 AM
Just about every game I join, someone leaves and it locks up half of the players left, who then have no choice but to leave, or it just lags so bad that you have no choice but to leave and find another game.

This p2p crap is ridiculous. I love this game's gameplay, but if it isn't playable, I will not buy it.

Get your crap together Ubisoft. You are doing the development team a hell of an injustice by making in incredible game unplayable. The mechanics are great, the gameplay is awesome, and the overall concept is very refreshing. However, if you can't actually take care of your customers by allowing us a gaming experience comparable to a AAA video game, do you honestly think anyone is going to keep playing this game?

Once again, get your crap together.