View Full Version : 4v4 =/= gangup

02-11-2017, 02:06 AM
Going in to 4v4 matches, my goal for the game is to have as many 1v1 opportunities as possible without a health reset. So when some people question why other players get upset when they are ganged up on in 4v4 matches, this is the reason. 1v1s are too easy, in my opinion, and offer little challenge. When it comes down to it, intruding on another's 1v1 is disrespectful to your teammate, the enemy, and/or the theme of the game.

02-11-2017, 02:11 AM
ganging up is the worse strategy. I had a game today where the attackers kept doing it. Guess what? They lost.

As they were ganking each one of my team I was sneaking past their lines recapturing and eventually we fooled them out of capture zones so they even had a hard time killing us since we just kept going on the defensive and getting revenge mode and knocking them down.

Then when it came to them breaking we just teamed up and boxed them in.

1v1 levels the playing field but when it comes to a ganking strategy it has too many holes to exploit. One guy can win us the game due to them not spreading out at all.

02-11-2017, 02:13 AM
Making a team mode about your personal pissing contest is disrespectful to your team and your faction, that is why people get annoyed when people complain about teams playing as a team. Have your code, but don't expect others to go out of their way to support it, and don't think for one second it somehow makes you any more honorable than them.