View Full Version : What's with WARLORD having all the 100% hit chance arsenal?

02-11-2017, 12:56 AM
Block break state - 100% free hit, other classes you can parry an attack after they used guard break to do a heavy attack.
Attacks that continue through being hit.
Shield guard stance.
Shield deflects heavy attacks and makes your opponent off balance = Free hit.
Headbutt spam (easy to dodge, but super fast and no response time if hes in your face) leading into another free hit.

Whats with all these attacks he can do and stopping you from being able to parry?
Even low skilled players with Warlord are a huge pain in the *** to kill, let alone the higher skilled ones almost impossible brick wall to attack.

Whats even worse is when the Warlord plays super defensive and doesn't attack you at all, only when your off balance from hitting his shield and giving him free damage on you.
Combined with the (RIGHT CLICK PARRY) he is an unstoppable monster you cannot get through whilst he can get off as many 100% chance attacks on you with patience.