View Full Version : Why I never play on Elimination

02-11-2017, 12:51 AM
It's called Elimination. But it plays more like a 2v2. When you down an opponent, that opponent should STAY down, and not be able to be revived. The reason it's called Elimination is because players are meant to be "eliminated" as the match goes on. But they're NOT "eliminated". If you don't execute an enemy, you can bet your top dollar that some random jackhole on the enemy team will be sprinting about the map, gathering powerups and reviving teammates. Which inevitably results in a 4v1 ******** where none of the enemy team seem to have any concept of fairness or even self-respect.

No one has any BLOODY STANDARDS in this game. How do you expect to have fun if you're not challenging yourself? And what I mean by that is: ganging up on one enemy with your other teammates's help isn't a challenge. It's a farce. And a damn stupid one at that.

This game needs a Dog-Pit/Tournament/Arena mode where two opponents enter a featureless, dirt-floor Fighting-Ring and whomever survives is boosted back up to full health, and will then subsequently fight the next person who volunteers to have a go.

You know why? Because people like me came to this game with the hope that things would not be determined by cheap tactics or unfair, third-party bullcrap. Which is why environmental hazards have no place in 1v1 or 2v2.

And before any of you start with "it's a competitive game/doing what you have to to win is the entire point" drivel, let me say this. Ganging up on a lone player with your teammates doesn't mean you're a "good player". It means you're a coward, and that you're utterly unconfident in your own ability to fight someone on your own merits. It's an admittance of one's cowardly nature and lack of sportsmanship. And lack of skill.

02-11-2017, 12:55 AM
Sadly what you aspire to and hoped for is what many of us aspire to and hoped for.
Reality is we got a gankfest with cheese tactics.
If you try to play to higher standards you will just get double teamed while you try to fight like a gentleman following your code of honour.