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02-10-2017, 11:39 PM
Can we get some sort of major punishment going for repeatedly using guard break. All today i have just come across Orichi, Vanguard and Raider players just spamming the ever loving f+++ out of guard break. I put in the time and learned to counter pretty much 90% of the time. but its one of these ever slippy slopes where you just come up against cheap player after cheap player just looking to use the path of least resistance to just claim a victory and I find this sort of play tilts me hard.
These people don't care that 50% of the fight they just had was them throwing guards at someone and getting bounced off to just run straight back in. Over all it just throws me off the game for the day.

the ideal fix would be two failed guard break is your stamina gone and your on the ground. make guard break a high risk big play of move and not some thing you do between attacks.

Over I think guard breaking in the worst thing about the game so far and its too free and far too exploitable.

Try it out. just pick Orichi.
#1 A dash back out of combat and Heavy to run back in with a long range strike,
#2 then guard break the second after recover to land anther attack of your picking
#3 then A dash left or right with a Light attack to spiral hit then guard again.
>if you get hit back out and go from step #1
>if not just back off and go from step one.

It will work on most players you meet, unless they know the game and have the patience to sit with your counter guarding and picking openings for very little damage.

02-11-2017, 12:01 AM
There is; It's called Stamina, and if you counter the guardbreak it costs the person who intially guardbroke a significant amount of stamina.