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02-10-2017, 11:37 PM
(Original title was, Orochi guard break, down strike needs to be nerfed.)
I just did two sets of duels against this Orochi main, I outplayed him multiple times, Using real mind games and strategy even slightly countered his guard break spam by preemptively swinging before he could guard break, Caught him a few times with this. But the fact that he could just spam this string or method over and over getting solid strong as **** damage was ridiculous. Nobushi noobs are less irritating. This guy Knows hes abusing it. and if abusing something makes you good in this game you know damn well thousands of cheap asses are going to follow.

In fact, all the Samurai classes are too strong, I'm not sure if that's because Ubisoft wants to appeal to weeaboos, but its blatantly obvious that Samurai are their favorites, Their swings are faster than anyone else "UHH KATANA'S ARE LIGHTER SO FASTER SWINGS DYUHH" They do insane amounts of damage "GLORIOUS NIPPON STEEL IS INVINCIBLE" Even though katana's weren't made to handle against heavy armor and would break against real European plate armor., and the fact that Nobushi causes dots encourages skilless play where all you do is spam light attacks and run away.

I think a good way to balance would be to *Balance Samurai Damage across the board. that way people pick them for speed over damage, where more skilled players could use that speed to their advantage instead of these nooby tactics of poking and prodding, Running away and spamming guard breaks to get free swings.

And Dots? please remove them from the game, I get that "Ohh the blade is so sharp it causes bleeds" Uhm.. do none of the other weapons make them bleed? I'm pretty sure if you got hit with a claymore you'd start bleeding.

If not full removal just make them a lot harder to pull off, Make them trigger at the end of full combos, not some quick 3 light attack spam.

*Edit* I do agree with al ot of the posts about Kensei, And yes a majority of the time when noobs pick Nobushi or Orochi you can outplay them, But in the hands of a skilled player, They will abuse and use strings that cannot be countered, Its like when you have that friend that can juggle you in a fighting game, Its not fun.

02-10-2017, 11:42 PM
I voted no based on the premise that instead of nerfing, we should be buffing the others. Warden and many others need some help to handle the top tier classes, PK, Orochi and Nooboshi.

02-10-2017, 11:53 PM
Kensei, like the Warden also has a pretty bad kit. They buffed him for the Open Beta, but I think he still has the lowest damage and health of all the vanguard classes (or they at least made him Warden level).
And he can be so easily parried, it's not funny anymore.

So I voted no, because not all Samurai classes need nerfs.
And I have to agree with SkullGrunt, buffs are usualy better than nerfs.

02-10-2017, 11:54 PM
Over i think guard break is just broke as hell on certain classes. http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1573550-Guard-Break
And i Agree you with you on this one. I think the character archetypes should play into the way the game works as well.

Example being if you are wearing a bunch of light bamboo and waving a pig iron 1000 fold sword your HP should be a lot less than if you are wearing a metric ton of Iron and steel. with the vikings being the middle ground and the knights and Asia being the extreme.
It seems the trade offs at the moment is just speed, move and engagement range. with knights and samurai dominating range now. Orochi and Nobushi are legitimate Child picks.

I have a friend that wanted to pick up Nobushi cause he enjoy the design. the advice i gave him was sprint in with a light to get your first bleed started then just up and light 3 times when they open with the occasional dash back with a light to do a reach attack. pretty much a master of the class in the first game with this advice.

I played the samurai in previous betas and honestly you dont even need to try with the amount of kit and speed you are given.

Over all: Vote 1 I agree

02-11-2017, 12:00 AM
Whats with these nerfing every single class?
The only broken and unbeatable class currently is still WARLORD (Shield Viking Guy).
Been OP every single beta. Unbeatable if you know the game even 2%

02-11-2017, 12:09 AM
git good

02-11-2017, 12:56 AM
I have not played anything but the Samurai since the closed beta. I have my good games and my bad games. My bad games come from either being attacked by 2+ enemies or the dirty butt stabbing Peacekeeper doing her grab and stab on me. And it's not that I'm bad at the game, I've won 1v1s as all three classes currently out. It's just getting teamed on or getting bleed applies by the butt stabber. Or the Nobushi. Or I fail to parry and counter. Or I fail to get out of the Raider's huge axe swing when I run. Or I get pushed off of a platform. I'm a skilled Orochi, but I don't even use that Storm Rush thing that people speak of. I just parry and counter. Or vulture weak enemies. If I get into an outnumbered fight, I flee until I see a solo enemy.

02-11-2017, 01:27 AM
Problem comes from guard break being broken op. It destroys your defense no matter how good you are and since you can't react to it you have to predict it by knowing your opponents fight pattern( which might be too late in that case), takes away all the skill in this game that guard break is so easy to perform and hard to xounrer

02-11-2017, 01:32 AM
I main Nobushi, and haven't played anything else. Which means I have a bad impression of what it is like to play something else and how strong that would be compared to any other class. on the other hand I played her vs almost every hero.

I think she is in a good spot vs the Vanguard classes since it is hard for them to get an opener on her. On the other side, she struggles a lot vs assassins (mainly Orochi). Also, her damage is really low on targets that do not bleed, and I am not saying it is 100% preventable, but the damage she does is the damage she takes.
I also struggled a lot vs Conq and Orochi (since it is impossible to dodge the Orochi dash and even more impossible to punish him for missing an attack or attacking while he is out of stamina).

What I see mostly is a complete lack of patience from the tank classes, as a slower class you can't expect to just 'hit' an assassin and you will get punished for that, and as far as I have seen and felt, all hero's are perfectly capable of doing a ton of damage once they manage to guardbreak or headbutt her. And for Assassins vs Nobushi it is exactly the other way around, I need to stay patient and block until I parry or dodge or see their stamina hit 0.

02-11-2017, 01:35 AM
I personally believe we should buff the other factions rather than nerf samurai.
And I believe Kensei shouldn't be nerfed.

02-11-2017, 01:52 AM
Kensei: Is balanced in my opinion, maybe even needs a buff? He is just generally better in capable hands.

Nobushi: In my opinion her bleed moves are way too easy to connect. I tried her out for 2 games in the closed beta and stopped (So I can't say I know enough about her) just because I wanted to see what a hybrid was all about. I definitely had trouble against her in the closed beta, usually because I couldn't get close enough.. Even sometimes when I thought I was keeping my distance some random bleed poke connects even though I thought I was out of her range. Another thing is her kick... The fact that she can do it during basically any of her combos (If I remember correctly) just makes it that much more unpredictable. And when she does land it she gets another free bleed poke in.

Orochi: I think he just has waaaay to many easy to confirmed hard hitting attacks. You have the guard break into top heavy (which really tends to piss me off). Another one is if you connect with the storm rush you can automatically do his 2 top light attacks, that combo does too much damage. His 2 top light attack thing just does so much damage so quick in the first place. Mix all that with his super quick light attack, his dodge attack, and his deflect attack and he can just be really frustrating to fight against. (also usually the Orochi's I fight against generally rely on 1 move the entire fight and are able to use it over and over again successfully. Generally I can predict it but even then it's hard to counter. Example would be storm rush.. I know he keeps wanting to do it I'll parry It, block and all but when I try to attack then he back dodges, hits me with storm rush, hits me with the automatic double top light attacks, guard break, top heavy and execution.

EDIT: Generally I think a few things could use some rebalancing, not exactly a nerf or buff.

02-11-2017, 02:27 AM
Git gud