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02-10-2017, 11:17 PM
I would like to preface this by saying I think the core game is actually really fun and I will probably buy it if the issues that are plaguing it are addressed. With that being said the biggest one is easily the connectivity type.

I have noticed a few people complaining about For Honor being p2p and with good reason. We have seen this type of connection in games like Dark Souls and Blood Born and anyone who has done any PVP in those games will tell you about the lag stabbing and absolute horror of having someone join your world to fight you in PVP that has a bad connection or worse if you join their world and they simply teleport around you until eventually your HP bar is removed and the "You Died" pops up.

For Honor has promise. It is everything I enjoyed about 1v1 duels and fightclubs in Dark Souls but with items turned off and it simply requiring player skill and knowledge of movesets to be competitive.

Just like Dark Souls however it has the same Peer to Peer connection type which is extremely problematic. I generally understand p2p in Dark Souls. It makes sense that From Soft wouldnt host gigantic online servers to have only a few players using them at once since the game focuses much on its pseudo online single player.

For Honor however is VERY clearly a multiplayer lobby focused game. This is a fact. You join a lobby, you fight the people in the lobby. The match has a timer and when its up you go into another lobby or the main menu. Most modern multiplayer focused games realize that peer to peer is not healthy for a competitive online game where peoples connection speeds vastly differ which in fact does handicap AND help players. Server hosting is the most level playing field you can have with only SLIGHT variations of ping which add or reduce reaction times by only nano seconds not entire movesets.

When the person who is hosting the game however has a hiccup with their internet it literally freezes the game to try and avoid the issues with lag I mentioned Dark Souls having. However its clearly not perfect and you will often come off of a jarring minipause of the game state being restored to dying to the person you were just looking at who was frozen doing nothing but is now out of that freeze and is murdering you.

I suppose then my question is why did Ubisoft think a game like For Honor, a competitive multiplayer game, should be peer to peer?

This is a huge mistake Ubisoft and trust me the fans have noticed. There is enough constructive criticism to realize that its not simply a bunch of frustrated players looking for a scapegoat.

TL;DR Peer to Peer is unhealthy for this game and is going to be its crux if its not replaced with dedicated servers.

02-10-2017, 11:23 PM
Peer to Peer in 2017 lul

02-11-2017, 12:15 AM
Game will fail due to connection issues. Same problems existed and still exist in Rainbow 6: Siege.
Save your time and money, don't buy this game. It will only bring you frustration.

02-11-2017, 01:21 AM
Thanks to people who play GTA V which has p2p and the game is making mad buck... you will see a lot of more p2p games. I thought it was a sad memory for call of duty on consoles but ou boy I was wrong.