View Full Version : Orochi LMB +RMB Slash Bug

02-10-2017, 09:41 PM
Not sure if it's a bug or a horrible implementation but Orochi's "wide arcing attack" (can't recall it's proper name) shows the wrong direction at first, then switches at the last minute. I'm fairly certain this is intentional as no other character does this from my experience, and an awful idea at that. It effectively throws everything we're taught about defense out the window if the game mechanics them self are going to mislead you to blocking in the wrong direction. I'm not talking about character balance or if Orochi is overpowered or underpowered, but this is an unnecessary phenomenon that does nothing more than frustrate the defender and give Orochi a cheap free hit. Sure, after a lot of practice you could learn the animation for it but given that literally no other character has a misleading move like this (possibly Nobushi, but not sure if it's lag with this **** P2P connection) it feels like a cheap one-up. Open to thoughts and suggestions, just be concise and polite about it.

Captain Jin