View Full Version : New Game Mode Ideas

02-10-2017, 08:13 PM
I've played siege for the longest of time now, practically since launch days. These modes are fun and all, but we should really have a more diverse amount of modes, like for say a terrorist hunt mode that is similar to the zombie mode in call of duty, in which waves and waves of terrorists attack, and very increasing round it becomes more difficult, or a free-for-all kind of mode. Ideas like these can be used to improve the games entertainment. I personally love this game, and it is quite beautiful the graphics and gameplay.

If anyone else has ideas they would like to see added, just comment down below!

02-12-2017, 12:29 AM
I'm pretty sure Ubi confirmed they're not going to release any new game modes. I think it would be cool to have a specific game mode for Strat Roulette, though, whereby the game actually enforces the strats.

02-13-2017, 04:24 PM
I would like to see a Team Deathmatch mode where the round only lasts 2 minutes. If either team gets wiped, the opposing team wins. If the round ends, defense wins. If the "Objective room" has no enemies, attack wins (to counteract roamers).