View Full Version : The Problem With Deflects

02-10-2017, 06:17 PM
There's a huge problem with the balancing between parries and deflects. The assassin's classes have less health, less stamina and seemingly less damage, so the only pros of choosing Assassin is their improved agility and speed (though to be honest, only the PK seems to be faster with attacks than all other classes - Berserker and Orochi seem as fast as, say, Vanguards) coupled with their exclusive ability to deflect (done by dodging in the direction of the attack). Deflects follow, apparently, the same timing as parries. However, while parrying breaks a combo/chain, stops unblockables creates a window to punish after parrying AND drains all stamina with just two parries, knocking the opponent down if they're out of stamina, deflects do not. Unfortunately, deflects do not take any extra stamina, do not break chains so one can be hit by a combo straight after a deflect AND are only punishable by light attacks (the PK and Orochi have unblockables following a deflect but these can be stopped since deflects do not break combos), which do little damage.

So, already, there's a clear sign that one's a lot more useful than the other. So what's so special about deflects? Why are they exclusive to assassin's if they do not help anyway? Notwithstanding, while apparently having the same timing as parries, I struggle to believe so. I practised this for over an hour and found that completely untrue. I can easily parry every heavy and half of all light attacks against a bot while, even though having "the same timing", deflects only succeed 1 in 3 times, the other times the assassin dodges in to the attack (fail) or simply dodges that attack (pointless - a parry would've worked and punished), sometimes getting hit by the following chain attack (fail).Clearly timing is different with a smaller frame to time and deflects are much harder to accomplish with much lower rewards.

I do not see the balance or use of deflects.

In order to improve deflects, I believe they should have a punish mechanic at least somewhat as useful as parries. For example, simply breaking the chain and allowing a light hit to follow, opening a window of opportunity for a counter-attack. The PK and Orochi are tagged as "fast, counter-attacker" and "agile, counter-attacker" respectively, and what use is the tag "counter-attacker" if the two classes cannot successfully utilise deflects? One may also argue the value of Orochi's "agile" tag given its numerous nerfs during every public testing stages and how it's no more agile than the other assassin's. Moreover, the Berserker doesn't even have an unblockable to follow, which is rather ridiculous given how all classess, except Berserker and Orochi (not counting the pointless deflect follow-ups), do not have unblockables - not even in combos, never mind simple charging unblockables used by some.

I simply think deflects should be altered to a point where they're usable. I think anyone reading this should also try going on "How To Play" and then "Duel Practice" with a level one bot and test the success ratio between parries and deflects. I'd value results in the comments.