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02-10-2017, 10:06 AM
Here I'll start you guys off!

as i charged in, i see this viking, i bow like the honorable samurai i am, he dosn't bow, he just stares at me with his dead eyes, the battle begins, i was about to take out my sword, but as i look up i see this wall of a person running at me, picking me up, i see my life flash before my eyes, he throws me of the ledge, as i fall i think 20 years of training, gone because this kid has no Honor

02-10-2017, 10:14 AM
I was fighting against a Warden.He has range advantage,but an assassin has limitless options to get the job done.I managed to get a couple of heavy and bleeding hits,dancing around his sword with the agility of a comatose elephant(seriously,there's a lot to learn if you played fps and not fighting games in the past).We were bot low life,staring each other,waiting for the last move...and then someone stabs me from behind.

They have told this to me."In war,the work of a Peacekeeper is never done".I may have misunderstood that phrase tho.

02-10-2017, 10:33 AM
Imagine this
A strong conqueror, clad in impenetrable armor charging down with countless soldiers at his side. I mow own the opposition like a gargantuan Sauron. I am a legend on the battlefield, having slain countless opponents in fair duel. A samurai steps up, thinking that he can best me in fair combat. I start swinging my flail which with I have shattered countless skulls and ruptured dangerous amounts of shields with. He strikes, not once but twice! My shield elegantly blocks both attacks as I break his guard. He is open for an attack! I charge him and get in two dishes of holy pain on his chest. He backs off, never fleeing. We nod in agreement as to that this is a fight until the last drop is shed. His onslaught is deafening, a strong and worthy opponent for a conqueror such as myself, but nothing more than a small pebble in the road to total domination. I perfectly block all of his attacks and start my counter attack. He is out of stamina, and has to take the punishment. As I am about to lay my last strike upon this foe, a friendly berserker runs up to our squabble and attacks through me. I am staggered, this is the first amount of damage I have taken and it is from an ally?!? The berserker breaks through and executes my foe, who would be my glorious kill. He then starts clearing soldiers dangerously close to me, also harming me in the process. I spot, behind the enemy lines, that the entire force is rallying to storm us. The berserker doesn't back down, runs in and dies as he is stabbed by four different types of sharp weaponry.
"Wow, what are you? A f**king idiot? Report Conqueror please"
At that point I am reminded that this is nothing but a virtual stimulation. I lay down my flail as I give up when a peacekeeper decides to spam attack me of a cliff.

02-10-2017, 11:50 AM
I stood within the tower of the citadel gate sword in hand, a lone warden with a company of vikings at my side. We had lost the battle and now made our final stand within the room lit by the fire of the beacon at its center. Time was running out as our foes poured into the room with roars of fury as they sought to rend flesh and sever heads.

We stood unwavering and held them off, cutting them down one by one as they assualted the room we believed would be our tomb. A primal force had overtaken us, we fought for nothing but survival, and survive we did. For as the last seconds passed we stood bathed in the blood of our enemies with their maimed corpses at our feet. We had lost the battle, but it is was a defeat that came at terrible cost for our foe. We left that ruined tower and regrouped with our forces. We had denied our foe victory born from blood and would live to pay them back.