View Full Version : Stop raging it's a skill game

02-10-2017, 09:25 AM
I'm reading lots of comment saying "parry doesn't work, I'm guarding and still they hit me, this game it's crap" whatever.
Seriously it's a skill game, need time to learn.
I don't have any kind of problems the mechanics works, and if I fail it's because my timing was bad, really after 3 day of close beta I learn how to parry, still now I have problem with it or deflect. But I'm improving and I can see it.
I'm definitely not a pro player but I'm sick of people throw random **** to this game just because they want to rule without put a minimum effort.
I fight agains players that are just spamming heavy attack without even try to change attack angle, doesn't even now how to counterattack a guard break, don't even try to press A and avoid an attack, seriously Bot are way more fun and skilled, and I'm still losing lots of game against them.
I saw player take the orochi and get mad because "my guard automatically disappear" when it's the concept of the classes itself.

Please read, watch video and specially play for learn and you will se improvement