View Full Version : Cursor on screen in game

02-09-2017, 10:40 PM
I downloaded the open beta, I understand this is "beta" but this really irritates me and it isn't just happening to me. 3/4 of the people playing with me (including me) has this problem. When we open the game the normal in game cursor shows up no problem. When we receive the invite to a game we need to open the uPlay menu to accept the invite. After we accept it and enter back into the game we have the desktop cursor. The cursor isn't supposed to be on screen when in game fighting but with the desktop cursor on our screen prior to entering the game it stays throughout. We have tried restarting the game twice each, no changes to it. We even attempted setting the game to Full screen, nothing happened. Afterwards we even tried ALT+Tab to tab out of the game and back into it and nothing changed. I am sure this is a bug as it easily ruins the game play.