View Full Version : Leavers and P2P Issues

02-09-2017, 07:34 PM
I don't want to whine, I just want to undestand a simple thing.

How do you (ubisoft) plan on punishing leaver and ragequitters.

Now in duel, who cares that's fine.
in 4v4 Both dominion and Deathmath it's kind of hell... ok it's Open Beta, ok people are learning, ok there are little kids... whatever.

BUT if someone leaves and it's the server the joyfully recover start... let's not even talk about the fact that sometimes you kill someone and this guy then suddenly is alive again due to a not correct sync OR he flashes out and a bot spawn there at 100% hp, it's a bot.

Thing is if this things happens once it's usually ok, the game finds a suitabile server (most of the time) and it's good.
If it happens twice or more in a brief amount of time... BANG! disconnected and your game is gone, the reward is gone, the xp is gone ... everything.

Now or we can try to set up a way to recover lost xp, like if you lose the connection u get at least something for the time you have played or find a way to REALLY punish leaving.

I mean everyone has emergency and has to leave, that's fine. It's a game we got this... but since there are no server and it is P2P this WILL ruin the other experience if the guy is the server.

So either we warn the server (you are hosting) in a clear way so MAYBE if he is a decent person he won't quit, fine tune the mechanics of switching (if possible) OR if you leave a match you get a penalty on loot / steel / xp for the next X match you complete.
If you leave again make it a time penalty.

I don't care for the fact that bot shows up and you may LOSE a match or smt, it's not "ranked" who cares.
Problem is... it crashes.


(sorry for the bad english, it is not my main language, did my best)