View Full Version : Dangit ubisoft...

02-09-2017, 07:34 PM
Same issues as the previous beta. You're using P2P for player connections. That's okay. I'm okay with that as I havn't had any issues with connections, even with people in Thailand whom I can't play other games with, period. Like they lag out as soon as they join a risk of rain game I host, but this game has amazing "netcode" and it plays really well in that respect.

So why the bloody hell am I still getting "our servers are too busy to give you the rewards you just earned" errors? I know AI isn't the most glorious form of combat, but it's a problem when you want to relax and farm a bit of steel for a purchase or a armor crate, or level up even and every single match never gives rewards. I complained about this in the prior beta and It's pretty sad that even after this long wait that the servers are still busted in that regard.

You have ONE job. Hold our character data. And that's it. Just....gah. I don't even know anymore. I've preordered the deluxe edition and I was hoping that the ONE server thing you have to handle would work out. v-v;