View Full Version : Error while playing ACU: Dead Kings - Seq 13, Part 4 and now cant get back to Paris

02-09-2017, 11:58 AM
Last weekend when playing (PS4) AC Unity Dead Kings Sequence 13 part 4 halfway he kicked me out of the game with an error (believeit as something with cj-3850). After restarting it happened agagain. Yesterday i tried it and got automatically (probably last savepoint after the error) at the start of seq 13 part 4. I cant go back to paris, fast waypoint is no longer on map or avalaible. But i cant finish the sequence cause at the puzzle part i cant interact with the tiles or anyting else so i wll never be able to finish the puzzle. Is this something that happened before and more important how can i solve it. Tried several times but keep on getting stuck there. Can keep my savegame or reinstall, but probably will get there when i put the savegame back. Or worst case scenario, do i have to start all over again from seq 1 ???

Hope anayone can tell me more.