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02-09-2017, 03:57 AM
So I got really interested in the game. To me it seem pretty cool. The graphics look phenomenal, both on the PS4 and on my tower. Now my tower is no slouch and when I say that I'm speaking in a literal sense as I'm running 32gb of DDR4 ram (yes 4 not 3) and the Mobo can expand that up to 64 if I choose. I future proofed this tower so to speak, in a mild sense so I wouldn't have to upgrade it for awhile, though that will be inevitable, such is technology.

With that said though, I look to protect my "gadgets" if you will. So I have a decent, subscription based Anti-virus that covers both my tower and my cell phone (covers the other tower, laptop and the wife's phone, but that's neither here nor there). So with that said, why would I need to download an app to further verify my email account just to download the Beta?

Look, I get it Ubisoft, you want information, just like any company. Information is money these days and to those that don't think so are only fooling themselves or are blind. But I'm sorry, this is a real turn off for me and maybe others. Unless there is something I am missing where I don't have to divvy out my cell to access this, well it's just a game right? A luxury I can do without.

I know I'm a digit, a figure, a statistic, but hey, it's my cell phone. I'm a bit smarter than to just give out my "actual" info to anyone, let alone over a video game. Anyway, if this isn't the case and there isn't the requirement, well shame on me. I'm just stuck at a screen stating "2 step authentication required" to pre-load the Beta and it's stating the whole cell phone deal with no other option.

02-09-2017, 04:06 AM
It is just security. Steam has the same thing.

Really don't know why you needed to write all that. Rather just tell us your concern rather than the possessions you own.