View Full Version : Matchmaking is terrible, cant tell if it's broken or no one plays anymore....

02-09-2017, 02:06 AM
Been stuck at lvl 13 for a while now, and in all my levels I have only ever been grouped once with matchmaking. Is there something wrong with it or is there no one else in the world at my level playing?

EDIT: Went online after a breather, and FINALLY found someone to play with in Singapore, and got disconnected! WTF?! At this point, I want a refund. There is nothing I find appealing about this game, the story is weak, crafting is hollow, gear is limited / lacks variety and enemies are far to strong and re-spawn to often. I seriously wish I had read through the forums before spending a single penny on this frustrating, disappointing experience.

02-09-2017, 05:20 AM
Everyone is playing at the top gear score. You won't be able to find many people playing at lower gear scores.

02-13-2017, 06:44 PM
I can bring this up to make sure that there isn't an issue.