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02-09-2017, 12:28 AM
Orders System
Orders are specific tasks proposed to the player which grant rewards on completion. We support Daily Orders and Contract Orders.

Daily Orders:
Every 24 hours, we’ll provide one Daily Order that targets a ‘’Player VS. Player’’ activity and one that targets ‘’Player VS. AI’’ activity. Each of these Orders are random and can be about a specific game mode or a specific action. The Daily Orders are the main lever to get Steel. They each provide 250 Steel plus XP points according to the difficulty of the Order. Be careful, the Daily Orders will expire every 24 hours so make sure to complete them before the time limit. (Shown on screen)

Contract Orders:
We’ll also provide to players a selection of Contract Orders to complete. These Orders require more time and/or more skills. Every few days, we’ll select randomly 9 Contract Orders, 5 of them will be about ‘’Player VS. Player’’ activities, 4 of them will be about ‘’Player VS. AI’’ activities. The player can then equip 3 Contract Orders at a time and try to complete them to get the rewards. These Orders give mainly XP and a small amount of Steel according to their difficulty. Be careful, your Contract Orders will expire, so make sure to complete them before the time limit. (Shown on screen)