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02-09-2017, 12:28 AM
Progression Leveling up
Every hero has their own progression. The more you play with a hero, the more experience points you will get. Getting experience points will level up your hero and get access to Feats and Customization elements. (Materials, Color Palette, Engravings, Symbols, Paint Patterns)

Every 20 levels, a hero gets a Reputation level and his level are reset to Level 1. Getting the first Reputation level will give access to Loadouts. Once a Hero get to Reputation 5, he will unlock a specific Outfit.

Experience points can be acquired by completing a match (Duel, Brawl or Dominion), performing actions on the battlefield (Guard break, Parry, etc.) and doing action according to the game mode (Renown points in Dominion only). These points are awarded at the end of a match.

You can also get experience points from Orders, they will also be awarded at the end of a match, if the requirements have been met.