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02-09-2017, 12:27 AM
At the end of each match, you will automatically loot the battlefield to find gear for your Heroes. The Gear found will always be based on the Hero you’ve played in the match, it doesn't transfer to other Heroes. The higher the level of the Hero, the better Gear you’ll find when looting.

If you want to gain more Gear than what you loot in matches, you can use the Scavenge Gear functionality. In the Heroes menu, select the Hero you wish to receive Gear, and select Scavenge Gear. Several choices are offered to you, depending if you want to loot random Gear, armor only, weapons only or premium Gear. The premium Gear option will always grant you a piece of Gear of higher quality than your current level. As it is the case with looting, the Gear quality will match your current level.

Each gear affect specific statistics related to your Hero capabilities. While all gear will increase statistics, some stats will also be reduced depending of the gear selected. This allows you to customize your gear based on your personal playstyle, but watch-out for those penalties. This system ensures fairness and balance in the strength of each customized Hero. The balance of this system will be something we monitor closely during the test.

There are 3 rarities for the gear, each with 6 levels. Higher rarity and level means higher statistics, both positive and negative. Lower level gear can be improved, but only until the max level of current rarity is reached. At this point, you’ll need to find gear from another rarity to improve your stats even more.

Gear Customization
Through the Hero menu, you can customize the gear of your recruited Heroes. Each piece of gear will affect how you look on the battlefield, but also the strength of your weapons and armor. This is done through the Heroes menu by selecting the Hero you wish to customize and select the Customize option. From there, you can select the body part you wish to customize, which then shows you all the available gear. By selecting gear, you can either equip it to your Hero, improve stats, swap gear visual or destroy for XP.

Improve Stats
By selecting the Improve Stats option, you can increase the level of your gear by dismantling other pieces of gear into it. Select the gear you wish to improve, open the Improve Stats menu, and then select the gear that you wish to dismantle and dismantle it. The dismantled gear will be destroyed to improve the level of your selected gear. Improving stats will cost Steel, so make sure you have enough before doing it. The rarity and level of a gear will affect its dismantling value but also how much it will need for it to level up. A maximum level gear cannot be improved anymore, but you can always dismantle it in a higher rarity gear if you want.

Swap Gear Visual
If you have a piece of gear whose stats you love, but want to change the visual, this option is for you. Select the gear you wish to visually update and select the Swap Gear Visual option. Select another gear with the visual you want and it will be applied to your selected gear for a Steel cost. Be warned that it will also destroy the gear whose visual you selected.

Destroy for XP
For any gear you wish to discard, you can choose the Destroy for XP option. By doing so, the item will be destroyed and XP will be given to your Hero. There is no Steel cost for this.