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02-09-2017, 12:27 AM
The first important thing to keep in mind when outnumbered on the battlefield, is that these fights are meant to be hard. Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings in order to avoid getting cornered by multiple opponents if you want to increase your chances of survival. Try to pay attention to the radar when in fights for incoming enemies (Red Dots). However, if you find yourself in this situation, here are a few tips:


Positioning is key. You’ll notice the camera pulling back when surrounded by multiple opponents to increase your awareness. Use the larger field of view to observe your opponents. Use your Dodge to create distance between you and your opponents. With more space in between you and your opponents, you reduce the risk of being Guardbroken (if this happens though, make sure to counter by pressing X quickly).

Also, if you can position yourself so that one opponent is inbetween you and the other opponent, defending against them will be much easier.

Finally, look for opportunities to get rid of opponents quickly in the environment. Try to position yourself and use a Guardbreak / Throw to kill off enemies quickly by throwing them off of ledges or into deadly traps. Keep in mind that Guardbreak does not interrupt enemy attacks, so use it only on an enemy who’s recovering or idle.


When outnumbered, focus on Blocking first.

Against multiple opponents, you have to be careful to the Guard of your Locked Target, but also to the positions of enemies around you.

To Block attacks coming from your Locked Target, match his Guard to Block. If an attack is coming from an enemy that you don’t have a Lock on (External Attacker), switch your Guard in the direction of the enemy, regardless of his Guard. So, if an External Attack comes from your right, use a right Guard to block it. If the External Attack comes from the left, Guard left.

Makes sense? Always try to read which attack is coming first to block this one. If you successfully Block an attack, you’ll be Autoblocking any other incoming attacks for a short time.


If you manage to survive long enough, there’s a good chance your opponents will run out of Stamina. Pay attention to the Out of Stamina feedback (red blinking indicator). When it’s on, your opponents’ attacks will be much slower, giving you more time to defend and possibly counter attack. You have several tools at your disposal to counter enemies:

Zone Attack: by pressing the light and heavy attack buttons at the same time, you unleash a special attack with a large area of effect allowing you to hit several opponents at the same time. Try and use this when you get a chance to attack in a multi-opponent fight
Parry: you can parry an enemy attack by performing a Block and pressing the Heavy Attack button just before the moment of impact. If you Parry an enemy who’s Out of Stamina, he will fall on the ground, giving you an opportunity to escape or counter attack. Also, after a successful Parry, your Zone Attack gains extra properties that make it easier to use: it’s uninterruptible and knocks opponents back further.
Guardbreak: if the enemy is Out of Stamina, using Guardbreak will push them to the ground giving you time to plan your next move or escape.

External Blocks

You can block attacks coming from enemies you aren’t locked on.
Right stick in the direction of the attacking enemies, regardless of their guard

A visual indicator will warn you against external attackers.


Revenge consists in two sub-systems: the Revenge Meter, and the Revenge State.

The yellow bar below your Feats is your Revenge Meter.
Your Revenge Meter builds up as you get hit, as you block, parry and dodge attacks.
The Revenge Meter earn rates are higher when fighting multiple enemies at the same time so that it’s used in group fights more than in duels.
Revenge Meter only increments when in Guard mode. If you leave combat and lower your Guard, your meter starts depleting after a short cooldown.

When your Revenge Meter is full, tap Y to activate the Revenge State.
The Revenge State provides series of buffs to help you manage group fights:
You get a damage boost on all your attacks.
You get a bonus shield in order to take some damage.
All your attacks are uninterruptible. This allows you to avoid getting “stun-locked” if multiple enemies keep attacking you.
Your Throws and Parry knock enemies down.
Your Guardbreak can interrupt attacks. This allows you to cancel attacks more easily and connect Throws to knock enemies down.
In addition to these buffs, you’ve a timing mechanic on activation so that you knock down any enemy attacking you during your activation animation.