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02-09-2017, 12:26 AM
(note: controls listed below are based on Xbox controllers, with PC controls in parentheses thereafter)

Out of lock vs Lock
Out of Lock, you can attack and chain but you can't switch stance while attacking and you have no defense. Also you can use the same chains against Soldiers to wipe them away.

In Lock mode, in addition to attack in different stances, you are able to defend yourself against your opponent. Match your opponent's stance to block incoming attacks. You have also access to special moves.
(See Moveset page to have more information about the special moves of your hero).

Want to dodge attacks or close ground with your opponent? While in Lock mode, hold the left stick in any direction and tap A (SPACE) to quickly dash in that direction.
Tap A (SPACE) without direction to dodge backwards.

When out of lock, tap A (SPACE) to roll away from enemy attacks. It’s useful for evasion.

If an enemy is standing ground for too long, tap [X] (MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON) to guardbreak him.
Notice that the guardbreak doesn’t interrupt attacks.

If Guardbreak is used against you, quickly tap [X] (MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON) to counter it.

Throw (and Stagger)
You can also tap [X] (MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON) again after a guardbreak to throw your opponent in any direction. Try this to quickly kill your enemy if you near a ledge or trap.
Throw enemies to knock them into walls which gives you extra time for a hit (Stagger)

Match your opponent’s guard and press RT (RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON) just before impact to Parry.
Parry gives you more frame advantage or a larger window of opportunity than a simple block.
For instance, parry gives a guaranteed ability to guardbreak. Parrying a light gives you a longer window than a heavy.

When you parry your opponent, he loses much of its stamina.

When you parry an opponent which is out of stamina, he is automatically unbalanced and falls to the ground.

Zone Attack: Hit multiple enemies
When you’re surrounded by several opponents, gain some breathing room with a Zone Attack.
Tapping RB (LEFT MOUSE BUTTON) and RT (RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON) at the same time launches an area attack that damages your enemies and pushes them away.

Be careful, this attack consumes much of your stamina.

The green bar under your Health measures your Stamina. Every attack costs some of this resource. When you miss, when your attack is blocked or parried, you lose more Stamina.

Running out of Stamina provides a series of debuffs:

You cannot sprint and roll
Your attacks are slower
You cannot chain
You cannot use your special moves
You cannot cancel your heavy attacks (feint)
If you are thrown or parried, you are unbalanced

Recover Stamina by not attacking for a short time.

Cancel heavy attack
You can cancel a heavy attack by quickly tapping B (MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL) after launching it. Use it to Feint heavy attacks and fool your opponent into trying to Parry for instance, then counter with a quick attack or trying to attack from a different direction to past their defense.

Notice than the Conqueror Hero does not have this ability.

Sprint attack
Most characters have Sprint Attacks available out of lock, they’re useful to catch up to fleeing enemy or to initiate combat from a distance.
(See Moveset page for specific inputs).

External Blocks
You can block attacks coming from enemies you aren’t locked on.
Right stick in the direction of the attacking enemies, regardless of their guard.

A visual indicator will warn you against external attackers.

Revenge consists in two sub-systems: the Revenge Meter, and the Revenge State.

The yellow bar below your Feats is your Revenge Meter.
Your Revenge Meter builds up as you get hit, as you block, parry and dodge attacks.
The Revenge Meter earn rates are higher when fighting multiple enemies at the same time so that it’s used in group fights more than in duels.
Revenge Meter only increments when in Guard mode. If you leave combat and lower your Guard, your meter starts depleting after a short cooldown.

When your Revenge Meter is full, tap Y (R) to activate the Revenge State.
The Revenge State provides series of buffs to help you manage group fights:

You get a damage boost on all your attacks.
You get a bonus shield in order to take some damage.
All your attacks are uninterruptible. This allows you to avoid getting “stun-locked” if multiple enemies keep attacking you.
Your Throws and Parry knock enemies down.
Your Guardbreak can interrupt attacks. This allows you to cancel attacks more easily and connect Throws to knock enemies down.
In addition to these buffs, you’ve a timing mechanic on activation so that you knock down any enemy attacking you during your activation animation.

Kill your opponent with a heavy attack to have the opportunity to execute him.
When you kill with a heavy attack, tap X (Q) or Y (MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON) to launch an Execution.

You refill a part of your health when you Execute someone.
But when you are Executed you have a respawn penalty.

You can interrupt an Execution to save a down teammate from the Respawn penalty and deny extra points and HP to the enemy.

1v1 vs Group Fight
Focus on stance in 1v1 but always look for potential threats on the side. You’ll often end up fighting multiple opponents on the battlefield. These fights are meant to be hard but in this situation, here are a few tips:

Positioning is key. The camera pulling back when surrounded by multiple opponents to increase your awareness. Use the larger field of view to observe your opponents.
Defense: When outnumbered, focus on Blocking first. Try to hold off at first to build up Revenge Meter.
If you manage to survive long enough, there’s a good chance your opponents will run out of Stamina.
Zone Attack: Try and use this when you get a chance to attack in a multi-opponent fight.

For more details, you can see the Outnumbered Fight Post. (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1547955-Outnumbered-Tactics-Forums)

Moveset and how to fight
To learn more about the Combat and How to fight with your hero: Press Start and go to Hero Section.

Feats are special actions and passive abilities: you unlock them gradually during a match according to how you level up. You get access to your preselected Feats by levelling up during one life. Feats can be of different types: passive or active, defensive or offensive, with effects on the player only or on other players and NPCs… There are 4 levels of Feats, from 1 to 4. Some Feats are unique to the Hero, some unique to his/her Faction and some unique to his/her type.