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02-09-2017, 12:26 AM
Dominion Game Mode is an objective mode where your primary goal is to put the enemy team in Breaking and to eliminate them.
To put the enemy team in Breaking, your team must accumulate 1000 points or more.
If the 20:00 timer is depleted, the team with the bigger score wins.

When starting the game, players are divided in two teams of four Heroes, where one team plays as the Attackers, the other one as the Defenders. In order to reach 1,000 points, both teams have the same objectives: Fight to control zones and kill enemies.

Points in the Dominion Mode are divided in two categories:

Hard Points :Those points are permanent. When a hard point is gained, it will be accounted in your team score to until the end of the game.
Soft Points: Those points are temporary. They are accounted in your team score as long as you hold the control zones associated to them.

Both Hard and Soft points count towards the total to put the enemy team in Breaking.


Hard Points:

Killing Soldiers
Killing enemy Heroes
Holding Control Zones A, B or C

Holding zones generate points over time.
Whenever a Hero is standing a zone own by his team, he boosts it and generates points faster.

Soft Points:
Controlling a Zone (Zones A, B and C): As long as your team controls a zone, an amount of soft points is added to your team score. Should your team lose the control of the zone the points are removed from your team score.

Point values:
Killing an enemy player: 5 Hard Points
Killing a Soldier: 1 Hard Point
Controlling Zone A, B or C: 100 Soft Points
Controlling Zone A or C: 1 Hard Point/sec
Boosting Zone A or C: 2 Hard Point/sec
Controlling Zone B: 1 Hard Point/ 0.75 sec



Soldiers: Soldiers are cannon fodder of both armies. They have no stance and can’t be locked on. They are mainly found in Zone B (the Front) and come in waves from the initial spawning points.

Zones A and C

Zones A and C are captured when occupying them with a Hero.

At the beginning of a game, Zones A and C are neutral. When captured, they are considered Controlled. When Controlled, Zones A and C will generate Hard Points over time. When occupied by a Hero of the controlling team, it is boosted and generates more points over time.

If Heroes of two different teams are present in the Zone at the same time, it is considered Contested. If a team eliminates all enemies in the Zone, they can then capture it back and get the associated soft points.

Zone B (the Front)

Zone B is in the middle of the map. Controlling it gives the same amount of Soft Points as the 2 other Zones. However, it generates more Hard Points over time but cannot be boosted.
Throughout the game, the Front is reinforced with waves of soldiers coming from the initial spawning points.
To control the Front, a Soldier of your team must step in the enemy territory
The Front is Controlled as long as one Soldier is in enemy territory
If left unattended, the Front will eventually stabilize and go back to neutral

A team is put into Breaking when the enemy team reaches 1,000 points. From this moment, players in the Breaking team will stop respawning when killed. When all Breaking Heroes have been killed, the other team wins the match.
A team can Rally and exit the Breaking phase by controlling back Zones so the score of the enemy team goes below 1,000 points.
If both teams are over 1,000 points, then they’re both in Breaking and the same mechanics apply.

Throughout the game, Heroes will gain Renown. After gaining enough Renown, a Hero will unlock a new Feat. Every hero has 4 feats to unlock and Renown is kept throught the game.

Every action that progresses the game like killing enemies or capturing zones rewards Reknown, but the different type of heroes will be rewarded more Reknown by performing their specialties.

Vanguards earn more bounty than other Hero type by:

Killing soldiers
Capturing zones
Reviving an ally

Assassins earn more bounty than other Hero type by:

Killing Heroes
Contesting zones

Heavies earn more bounty than other Hero type by:

Assisting kills
Defending zones
Boosting zones