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02-08-2017, 08:29 PM
Hi everyone!
here my question: i know i can change stance during a chain in order to change the direction of the attacks swings, this is still considered a chain from the system or they must be always made by the same attacks (as i see from the tutorial videos in game)?

02-08-2017, 09:04 PM
You can change direction in most chain attacks. For some (i.e. Conqueror's infinite chain), you actually have to change direction. For others, the final attack in the chain is fixed (usually top).

02-08-2017, 10:45 PM
For others, the final attack in the chain is fixed (usually top).

can you make any example?

02-08-2017, 11:01 PM
can you make any example?

Kensei's heavy finisher is a top attack. I think Nobushi's light attack chain ends with a top as well. Berserker infinite chain ends when top attack is used. Not sure, but I don't think you can change direction during the berserker's spinning combo.

02-09-2017, 12:48 AM
ok, just to go further, if i start the chain "destiny of the kensei" i can change the direction of all 3 heavy attacks, every time i start it, it's still works as the mentioned chain right?

02-09-2017, 02:26 AM
Simple answer to your question is yes, chains are omni-directional and you can switch direction mid chain.

Longer answer depends on the chain and special abilities connected to the chain. For example, warden side light follow-up has to be performed from the same side as the first hit, but you can go into a top heavy afterword. Kensei's heavy finishers depend on direction for benefit. This also benefits for special moves leading into some chains, however it depends on the move.

02-09-2017, 02:40 AM
kensei's 3rd heavy attack can be performed from sides but then it won't be unblockable