View Full Version : Faction war rewards

02-07-2017, 09:10 PM
I was wondering how the rewards work, I know you can play any character no matter the faction but do you get the rewards for whatever faction you are in or the character you use

02-07-2017, 09:37 PM
It depends on the faction you chose the first time you launched the game. I joined the Knights and even if I were to occasionally play Orochi or Kensei, it wouldn't matter as my allegiance is already with the Knights.
Therefore if Knights win the faction war, you get the reward, if Samurais do, you don't.

02-07-2017, 09:43 PM
I mean if I was in the samurai but I played as a knight character what reward would I get faction specific or character specific

02-07-2017, 09:52 PM
Faction specific. It's the faction that wins the war gets reward so naturally, Samurais would get Samurai-related rewards, I don't think I've read about this yet but I'm 99% sure it's like that, never seen a mention about hero specific rewards related to faction wars.
It's whatever faction you choose, the rewards will be this faction specific.

edit: Just to clarify, the rewards may and may not be specific (symbols for example). You might receive simply some amount of steel (currency) and scavenging boxs to loot some gear, I don't think we know that yet. If the faction rewards will be specific, it'll be based on your current faction that you signed up for.