View Full Version : 12 Maps at the time of launch!?!?!?

02-07-2017, 03:47 PM
SO one of the official videos released by Ubisoft says that there will be 12 different maps on the day of launch!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaG7SkWZN3M&index=3&list=PLpwyzkZha0Z4v4aP_bJoIXkyLGsQ2kQhY @ 00:54

Right now, the website shows 6 maps in total. They are:

- Citadel Gate
- Cathedral

- Overwatch
- Forest

- Riverfront

One of the maps that I played during beta was called the Sanctuary Gate. So that makes it 7 Maps in total.

What are the other maps??? Anyone has any idea?

02-07-2017, 04:50 PM
I don't know the names but there were a couple maps in the alpha I remember playing that weren't in the beta and vice versa.

02-07-2017, 10:22 PM
As of right now there are definitely maps we have not seen.
It may or may not stay that way until release, which I am fine with.
I want some "surprises" for the actual game, I don't want to know/see every single detail.

02-07-2017, 10:44 PM
some of the maps are being streamed right now