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02-06-2017, 04:37 AM
I Just want to say that Ubisoft should stop rushing, I recently watched a video of what Ubisoft wanted the AC3 to be(link to that video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_e5BAj2O_c ) : more atmospheric with better animation of parkour and with even ability to slow down time. it was so different from what we got on the final release, and I guess that was because Ubisoft rushed too much to keep the yearly production of the game, that did not work out really good. So basically I want to say that Ubisoft should take more time, which you did for the next game. I absolutely don't care if the next game in series is going to be out in 2019 In fact I and many other players will be happy to receive a very detailed game with very interesting story and of course some atmosphere. Not that i'm saying that the previous series were bad, its just that Ubisoft can make the game really better than the last series if they want and if they take time, another major example of Ubisoft rushing the game production is Unity. Players received a very buggy and glitchy
game that was just imposible to play before the patch. I think that majority of the AC fans would love to see more detailed gameplay and story although released much later.

Just please Ubisoft don't rush!

-I love Ubisoft

02-07-2017, 02:55 AM
All top games come with problems for the PC when they launch and are patched shortly after. Unity launched in November and the last patch was 3 months later so at most a 3 month delay would have included every patch. But, until a game is released and played on 5 million different PC's with different components, different peripherals, viruses, malware and conflicting programs, it cannot be guaranteed to be at 100%.

Unity didn't have a single "game breaking" bug.... it released with some npc's acting strangely (which was quickly fixed and some people struggled with a certain sequence when their PC couldn't generate enough FPS unless they lowered resolution... I think there was 1 chest that had a problem and Ubi gave us all a free DLC which was very generous. The club competitions were great and people who didn't win... still received the rewards 2 weeks later.

I watched that AC3 video and I love AC3... it started my love of AC games. I think that was probably some pre alpha footage, but I'm sure when games are in development there are lots of ideas that get tried and tested and I expect some are not included because it would require too much work or might even cause glitches and bugs.... and you wouldn't have wanted the time slow down feature if it caused glitches would you?

I trust the devs to keep making the games we like. I missed the November 2016 AC game and hope it is released this year (because they've already had 3 months extra :) ) but when it arrives I will love it because I love the gameplay of AC, some will not be happy unless it is full of lore and 1st civ and modern day, I hope they do include something for the story fans, (as long as I can skip that and get back to the game, I'm happy). And some will want more FPS (why?) and some will want to be able to have a level of detail so pointlessly high that they can count the teeth in a dogs mouth a mile/ kilometre away... totally unnecessary when a weapon can only shoot 50 yards/ metres... maybe the devs will make it very foggy so it stops those complaints :)

02-08-2017, 05:21 AM
all I wanted to say is just that rush is not necessary

02-08-2017, 12:41 PM
I know what you're saying and I agree. I don't think they are rushing. I think they're putting a lot of effort into getting a good balance to try to make everyone happy. But I miss having the annual game. :)

02-10-2017, 05:02 AM
yeah but at least i have time to play all of the parts because i played only AC1 AC2 and AC3 and i have time to finish them before the relese