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02-02-2017, 09:17 AM
It is a summary of the events that occurred until the Korean media jtbc secured Choi's PC.
I did not speak English well and got help from Google Translator.

The ruling party: Why do you hire strange people at Blue House?
Blue House: It is not strange people but pearls in the soil.
Global Times: There is a shadow ruler in the Blue House.
Blue House: That's a lie. I will sue the Global Times.
PRESIDENT: Seeing the fact that reporters know, there are obviously whistle blowers. Find out who the whistle blowers are.
Prosecutor: I found out the inside whistle, his name is 'Kwanchon'.
'Park Kwanchun': I am not a whistle-blower.
Prosecutor: Do not lie.
Park Kwanchun: Listen the people. The first power of Korea is Choi Soon-sil. The second power is 'Chung Yoon-sik', and puppet president is the only third.
'Chung Yoon-sik': I do not have power.It's lies
Cho hyung-chun: The President is a liar.
Prosecutor: Cho Hyung-chun, you are under arrest.

'Park Kwanchun' is former police.
'Chung Yoon-sik' is former Park's Secretary.(park is korea president)
'Choi Soon-sil' is heresy.
'Cho Hyun -chun' is former politician also former presidential secretary.

Prosecutor: Cho Hyun -chun, you must live quietly.We are upset so we investigate gambling.
The gansters who were playing gambling, Samsung sports players who were playing gambling, Jung Woon-ho who were playing gambling: Why did the prosecutors investigate us suddenly?
Prosecutor: Jung Woon-ho, we will prosecute you.
Jung Woon-ho: Oh, it's been a long time, Mr. Hong Man-pyo please help me.Make me free.
Hong Manpyo: Because of whole nation is watching, it is impossible sorry.
The court sentenced for one year. The press(media) is paying attention to Samsung's sports players.
Jungwoonho:Choi, You were a judge, so you have power. If you let me free, I will give you two billion or three billion.
Choi Yoo Jung: All right.
However, the court sentenced Jung Woon-ho to eight months' imprisonment.
Jung Woon- Ho: Return 2 billion to me.
Choi Yoo Jung: no.
Jung Woon-ho beat Ms. Choi.

'Jung Woon-ho' was the chairman of 'The Face Shop Korea' and former CEO of Nature Republic.

Choi Yoo Jung: I have bone broken. I'll sue you! Jung Woon-ho hits me.
Press: If the attorney's fee is 2 billion won.............there must be corruption.
Choi Yoo Jung: Uh ... Actually it is not. I did not get 2 billion.I received only 68 million.The rest of the whole was for other attorneys.
Press: Liar. The lawyer who receive the money is just only you.
Choi Yoo Jung: There is a list of people who have been bribes to Jung Woon-ho . I will be publishing this document.
Hong Manpyo: Why is my name in that document?
Prosecutors: I am really sorry, but I will arrest you for a while. If you wait, I will let you go.
Choi Yoo Jung, Hong Manpyo are really mad.
Prosecution: The survey found that Lotte....... Jungwoonho gave Lotte bribed.
Lotte: Nope.
Press: Is it true?Mr.Hong and Woo Sung Woo favored Jung Woon-ho in the trial?
Prosecutor: We do not know.

Lotte is corporation and Lotte's market capitalization is 2 billion won.
Hong Manpyo was Supreme Prosecutors' Office Central Investigation Bureau Investigation Planner.

Press: There is a lot of corruption to Senior Officials. If Prosecutor examine these people's property, new facts will be revealed.
Prosecutor: JKJ......How you have 12 billion??
JKJ:I bought Nexon stock and company have grown and my assets have also grown.
Press:It is Famous for buying Nexon's stock is really difficult,so how did you get 400 million?
JKJ: 400 million borrowed from wife's house
Press: In the 'Ethics Committee of the Public Officials', it is said that you have not borrowed 400 million won from wives.
JKJ: I actually borrowed that 400 million from Nexon's chairman Kin Jung-joo.
Kim Jung-joo:Right. I gave 400 million to JKJ.
JKJ: I resign.
Prosecutor: JIn Kyung-joon.Before you resign you must be investgated.
Chosun Media: I think a company called Nexon gave bribes here and there and him and her so much.I found something. Why did Nexon buy land that owned by Woo Sung-woo's wivies? Nexon paid 150 billion. It is also a bad land.

'Nexon' is a Korean game company famous for 'Counter Strike' and 'Maple Story'.

Nexon: The land belongs to the Gangnam area, and we bought it to build our headquarters.
Chosun Newspaper: Nexon is already build its headquarters in Pangyo.And employees do not know about building headquarters in Gangnam.And also Woo Sung-Woo reviewed the contract directly right?
Woo Sungwoo: My mother in laws asked me to review the contract.
Chosun Media: Mr. Woo Sung - woo, you once said that you do not know everything.
Chosun Group: Mr. Woo Sung - woo,Your son is favored in the army.
Blue House: Hey, stop right now.
Chosun Media: what ??
Blue House: You already anonying us enough.You Corrupted media.You vested interests.
Chosun Media:Anjong Bum take out the money from major companies to establish the Mir Foundation. What is it? Should we insvestigate it?

LeeSS: I am currently investigating 'Woo Sung Woo, Mir Foundation, K Sports'.
Blue House: Are you insane? You're fired.
Lee Seok Soo: What are you doing?
Kim Jin - tae: The Chosun media's employee wrote a good article on bribery at' DSME '.
Chosun media: Let's resign the bribe staff once.
Hankyoreh media: Oh, it looks like Choi Seon-sil has seated the director of the K Sports Foundation. Check out what happened.
Press: What are they? The Ministry of Culture gives permission to establish it in one day. Look at the size of the big bribes.
Major companies: We gave it because we wanted to.
Press: What is it?Samsung bought a horse? Is this also related to Choi Soon-sil?

Lee Seok Soo was special Inspector.

Samsung: Because of the Tokyo Olympics.
Press: Choi's daughter is a horse rider. Did you buy it for her?
Samsung: Note 7 is burn again. I'm busy.
Press: What is the name of the university where Choi's daughter entered?
Ewha Womans University
Press: When did horse riding become a standard for admission to college??
Ewha Womans University: That .. from a while ago.
Ewha College students: There is corruption here, press, I'll give you the information.
Press: Yes lol!

Blue House: Raise some incidents and turn them around.
Ruling party: This is the memiors of Song Min-soon. Here is the content of Roh Moo-hyun and Moon Jae-in! Press attention.
Moon Jaein: I do not remember.
press: Oh, if that's true, that's mean Roh and Moon betrayed the country.
Hankyoreh media: K Sports Director Chung ****-chun worked a sports massage company.
Media: Memoirs of the past.Where is Choi Soon-sil? Let's have a quick interview. Germany?

Song Min-soon is a diplomat and politician of the Republic of Korea. He served as the 34th Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the 18th National Assembly member.
Roh Moo-hyun is the 16th President of the Republic of Korea.And he committed suicide in the rocky owl rock of the Mt.
Moon Jae-in is a politician of the Republic of Korea

President: Let's discuss our constitutional amendment.
Ruling party: Yes, right, let's revise it.
Son Seok-hee: Our JTBC got the file on Choi's PC.

After that, there was such a thing, and Park was impeached by the parliament.
I think ubisoft can make a masterpiece by using this story well.