View Full Version : Make app non-interactable in songs?

02-01-2017, 08:01 PM

So I am using my S7 Edge as a controller and I am feeling "mildly" frustrated when doing so.

First of all I have a Samsung cover around it, so if I close the cover.. The screen locks. I could turn this function off, so it doesnt lock itself.. But that would be very annoying whenever I am not playing JD. And the app doesnt function if the screen is locked either.

I could leave the cover open or take it off, but then I will touch camera function or other things within the app as I am playing a song. Which is just very annoying.

So I guess you see the problem here.. Why dont you make it possible to make the app non-interactable when in songs? Like put it in lock mode where you have to press/slide a button, enter a code, hold a button for a certain amount of time? Again, talking about the app, not the phone itself, as again.. The app doesnt work when the phone is locked.

This was so frustrating that I simply refunded my JD 2017.. I will buy it again, when this function is in place in JD mobile app, unless you have some other brilliant solution.

02-02-2017, 11:54 AM
Hello Shelke88,

Thank you for your suggestion, we take note of it. For now, the other solution would be to turn off to screen locking function while you play Just Dance and activate if again after, so you could still play while keeping the cover on. :)

Kind regards,