View Full Version : The Solution To Staying Hydrated In VR With Werewolves Within!

02-01-2017, 06:00 PM
Are you tired of being parched while playing with your virtual reality headset? Does making a mess every time you try to quench that thirst get you down?

We got together the greatest minds of Gallowston to figure out how to keep you hydrated, keep you dry and keep you mess free. Introducing Mob Mart's Beverage Encapsulation Enhancement Rig, the solution to all of your beverage needs! You’ll never have to leave your headset to be refreshed! Never make a mess again while staying parch-free with Mob Mart's Beverage Encapsulation Enhancement Rig!


You can print your own Mob Mart Beverage Encapsulation Enhancement Rig here! (http://bit.ly/2jSoR7u)