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02-01-2017, 01:13 AM
Hey RL folks, I have a bunch of questions and ideas that I want to share. For now, just to see if I get a response I will stick to ideas! Not trying to be negative, I just thought I saw a tumbleweed blow thru this community section is all. I have read a ton of awesome ideas from people on the forum, most of them from guys who have been around longer than I and well thought out. These may pale in comparison, but are important to me.
One is possibly Making missing tracks and outfits( outfit pieces ) more available. Like for purchase in the store, loot wheel or slots. The jack-o'-lantern, convict etc. are some examples.
Another idea would be to let players give you guys ideas for bikes and outfits. Or vote. Compared to the amount of players, there sometimes doesn't seem like there is enough customization/diversity. Paint jobs, new outfits and past ones would be purchased if they were more available.
And I know it would be alot of fun for players to submit there ideas and see some of them come to life.

I will start with this. I know many others have ideas far greater then these to enhance gameplay, and it would be fantastic to see folks start to put them here. Somewhere. And then see the most popular ones implemented. I would like not only to have RL respond and consider but also to hear other ideas. Thanks for reading

02-16-2017, 12:28 AM
------------ * tumbleweed * ------------

02-17-2017, 03:07 PM
Hi Irish-man8, looks like a good thread to get some ideas flowin' :)

All good ideas actually are passed on and discussed with everyone, but sometimes a design or programming change is a bit too much of a re-work. We do consider all ideas though, like I mentioned earlier. I like the idea that encourages players to suggest ideas for bikes and outfits. We could possibly do a Forum Discussion on this very topic next month. :)

Do share all your ideas here - we're all ears!

02-22-2017, 01:47 AM
Thanks so much for replying! I wish there was a discussion about paint jobs/outfits where ideas are shared and considered. Or voted upon even. There are so many riders( mostly the ones who have been around awhile ) who have things I have never seen before. And so many possibilities. Well, again thanks for responding. Take care

03-03-2017, 01:42 AM
Just my own bump lol. Please RL crowd, if you can find it in your hearts to offer past outfits/paintjobs more frequently I would be thrilled. Like the pumpkin king, indie rider,etc. I have purchased almost every new package you have offered in the last year since I began playing TF. This is also a bit more simple, since you would be offering things that have been created already. I and many others would certainly consider buying anything I don't have and anything that would distinguish a rider or make them more unique. There are also some old tracks that are impossible to acquire, but I am told that eventually all past tracks come back around. I know you all are busy, and I appreciate what is offered. There are just so many outfits/paintjobs that were offered before I found this game that I saw a list for in the forum with pictures. It would be good for business on your end as well. I am a dedicated player, I have two little girls and own a business but still make time to play this game almost every day. It is the only game I play as well. I even purchased the Valentine's day package just for the pink bike skin and I hate pink haha. So please, please consider this. Maybe even offering things more in the loot wheel, slots or for purchase with gems or coins in the shop. Also one last thing. Not sure if you guys have seen the green Android rider outfit, or if it's even a real(legitimate) outfit. But that thing is so awesome! If it's real please make it available. You guys ever consider opening up a store? An internet shop where you can view all that is for sale. Maybe a little in game icon where you can select to go to the store when your in town while playing? Thanks for reading, and thanks for a great game.

- Jonny -

03-03-2017, 07:14 AM
Hi Irish-man8, we truly appreciate your love for the game and the constant support and feedback we get from fans like you. It's awesome to know more about you too! I have to ask though, have your girls gotten around to taking your bikes out for a spin in the Frontier yet? :)

We do take all kinds of player feedback seriously and are constantly at work to improve the game's experience as much as possible too. We're aware of all the old tracks and some outfits being unavailable for current players and we'll make sure they come around for you to purchase soon. I'll let you know about the Android outfit in particular and I'm waiting for the Bronco Valentine's paintjob to grow on you! You should see some exciting PJs and outfits up for grabs in the game this month as well! Cheers, race hard!

03-03-2017, 04:13 PM
Wow, thanks so much for your response! Yes yes, my girls play lol. The pink bronco was for them actually( cough ). Funny, I posted this last night, then went to play for a few and as soon as I opened TF there was the undead rider deal on sale! So thanks! And OMG thanks for saying you would let me know about the Android outfit! That amongst a few others I want more then anything! Have you seen it? dutscher-DE is the name of the player who posted the complete outfit list and there is a pic of it there. Or I typed "list of outfits/paintjobs" into the search area and it came up then too. Thanks again btw for your reply. Big time! -Jonny-

03-19-2017, 12:07 AM
Another bump. No one is posting anything here but me, so I will continue trying to. What is going on with this logging in bug? Many players are pretty frustrated with it. And selfishly, I would really like to know about past event tracks, old outfits and bike skins. Please please please. And very personally, the Android outfit that hackers got a hold of but honest players never have. Thanks