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01-31-2017, 05:17 PM
I repost this here from the Beta Forum,

since it might help everyone that wasnīt lucky to get in the Beta :)

Hello fellow fighters,
I want to share my opinions about outnumbered Fights after spending more than 40 hours in the Beta.

1 vs x
Iīve won so many fights when I was outnumbered because the enemy Team kept doing the same stupid mistakes over and over again.
Mistakes and Tipps found in the next section.

2 vs 1

Iīve lost so many fights when my teammates came to "help" me

When you come to help your teammate, there is a few things you should look for:
- donīt just attack because blocking an external attacker is ****ing easy and gives:
all-guard for roughly .5 sec + loads your Revengemeter pretty fast

If the enemy hits revenge it getīs even worse:
- parry an external attacker is also pretty easy wich leads to autoparry in all directions
--> All attackers on the ground --> at least 1 attacker dead

What you should do when attemting to help a Teammate

The worst Thing you can do is Interrupt your Buddy with your careless swings

--> Watch Your Buddy and the enemy

- Try to Interrupt the enemy with Patient Play and good Timing of the following:
--> use guardbreak
--> use unblockable
--> feint an attack so the enemy guards the wrong side
--> use light attacks to Interrupt any slow attacks
--> if you happen to Play a character with super cool unblockable moves (headbut, shouldercharge shieldrush) abuse it

--> Enemy is in attack animation? --> feel free to smash the **** out of him

I hope These Basic informations will help those who had Problems to overcome an enemy even when they were 3 vs 1
excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes, english is not my native language

Regards S0U1F1Y
See you on valentines day

01-31-2017, 05:59 PM
Good points, man. Inneficient ganking really does more harm than good for your ally.