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01-31-2017, 04:51 PM
DiffView Production created this fantastic video exploring what Far Cry Primal would have been in real life:

youtube.com/watch?v=OCbx1vfADmU (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCbx1vfADmU)

We reached out to them for some behind-the-scenes info.

Far Cry:
Hello! Can you introduce yourself and the DiffView team to the Far Cry community?

Jirka Klemenc:
DiffView is a small amateur production team from the Czech Republic. We shoot videos based on different computer games especially for the YouTube audience. I started DiffView 3 years ago, and I have the roles of main producer, director, and cameraman. The team includes three other people, and we usually look among our friends for actors, actresses, and helping hands for each new project.

http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_1_small.JPG (http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_1.JPG)

DiffView has created several video game–based films. What was it about Far Cry Primal that made you want to base a film in Oros?

Before we start the preparation for a game movie, it is essential that one of us already has some kind of a special relationship to it. For Far Cry Primal specifically, this was me: I love animals, beautiful nature, and, of course, action. Far Cry Primal is extraordinarily well-made, looks great visually, and almost begs to have movies made for it.

http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_2_small.JPG (http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_2.JPG)

The filming location was beautiful! Could you share with our fans where you filmed?

It was shot at one of the prettiest places in the Czech Republic - Adršpach, also called the Adršpach Rock Town. When we need a gorgeous location like this, we don’t have to fly over to the US, as we have something this unique right here at our feet.

http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_3.gif (http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_3.PNG)

http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_4_small.PNG (http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_4.PNG)
Source – Google Map

What were the most challenging aspects of making this film?

Definitely props and costumes that we had to make ourselves. And also health and safety of the actors and stunt people. For example, we had to make a piece of foam look like a rock that you can then safely hit someone in the head with and so on.

What sort of research went into the creation of the video?

Lots and lots of actual playing of the game. Honestly, I have to confess that that’s probably my favorite thing about our work.

http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_5_small.JPG (http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_5.JPG)

How do you approach your gaming films differently than you do other projects?

The biggest advantage in making game videos over other types is that the audience usually already knows the game, and so you don’t need to waste time with introductions of the characters and the plot. We can dive straight into action, as there’s not a whole lot of time to spare in short films on YouTube.

Do you have advice for other fans who would like to create video content?

I guess just unleash your fantasy! But also don’t overestimate your capabilities. Only take a challenge not too big for you to handle. And then keep moving forward inch by inch!

For our gear and tech fans, what camera(s) did you film with, and what editing software did you use?

We used the Black Magic Production Cinema Camera 4K with the SIGMA Art 18-35 f1.8 and Tramon 24-70 f2.8 lenses. For the POV shots, it was, of course, the GoPro 4 Black. The DJI Phantom 2 as our drone and Tascam DR-100 and Rode NTG1 for sound. Editing then took place in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, the final color grading in DaVinci Resolve.

http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_6_small.JPG (http://static2.ubi.com/FCPRIMAL/FAN-FILM/Fan-Film_6.JPG)

Thanks a lot for your answers, Jirka!
And again, congratulations to the team and actors for this amazing fan film of Far Cry Primal in real life.

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