View Full Version : No Honor Fix

01-31-2017, 06:01 AM
So ive played for honor beta and i really enjoyed it but i see some people or most of the people are talking about there is no Honor in For Honor because of the interruption of another player in someones duel. So here i wanna say that 1st not all warrior choose a path of honor to win the fight 2nd its just the start people are experimenting and last just because its entitled ''For Honor" doesn't mean that you'll find honor all the time in the game. Now i know some people wont agree with me so i also wanna suggest the For Honor team what they can do is they can add a command which a player can give during the duel to his nearby team mate that "i got this" or "He is mine" something like that showing him his hand like stopping him... like by pressing triangle on ps4 during duel he taunts to his enemy similarly like that.. though they already added a team message saying "i got this !" but still a character respond will do more good. Now one more thing they can add is like when matchmaking there is a option of setting of the watch there they can add a match mode like regarding no interruptions in duels what this will do is if someone do any interruption its gonna do a negative impact on his own team score and even if he continues doing this it will now affect the player itself like he will go to a low priority or no honor :p mode something like that. so thats what i think and i wold like to listen to all of you guys as well about this.