View Full Version : The Orochi are not op its the users are op

01-30-2017, 11:49 PM
Hey, I would like to start off by saying I played the orochi for the whole beta. This gave me time to get his moves down and his timing. His game mechanics are something that I never experienced before. His style on the field makes him a formidable foe, but also a liability in the wrong hands.

On my YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/mAO3OjNOPv4) you can see my transition from beginning to being almost prestige 2( prestige 1 lv20 is what I ended at.)

The Orochi are amazing and needs to be recognized. The people saying he is overpowered take a step back and be sure. First the Orochi cant block for a long time. Messing up your block timing from left to right attacks leaves you open an vulnerable. Peacekeepers and Berserkers have an easy time doing this. It really makes playing the Orochi overwhelming. Next the Orochi are close range so you need to lessen the distance between you and your foe. That is a lot harder than it sounds. The Nobushi make that hard enough with their pole and that stance that says if you rush in your mine. It was hard to counter but in war you have to think on your toes. The Orochi fear a drawn-out fight not just because he really has no initial attacks but because his life is low. On the battle field as an Orochi you go from a 1 v 1 to a 2 v 1 quickly. The warden and raider know this and take advantage of their health and defense to allow their team to catch up to them and overpower the Orochi. When the Orochi sees an omen of death he dreams of the Conqueror. Nothing gets my heart pounding in my chest not than fighting a Conqueror. They have the defense of a warden the power of a Raider and moderate attacking speed. This makes it hard to end a fight against him quickly. When he charges up his mace charging in will be the last thing you will do be for the grave. Over coming his mace is one thing but his unblock-able shield will stop the Orochi in his tracks. During training the Orochi were always a step behind his brethren the Kensei. The Kensei's raw power is enough to overwhelm the Orochi only a couple of hits and the Orochi's face an eminent demise.

The Orochi are one with themselves and their sword. It is believed that the sword picks the wielder, and in the sacred ritual the Orochi must defeat himself. Knowing his own weaknesses is his way of survival. As an assassin moving in the shadows is not enough the Orochi must become the shadow and materialize to kill and then slip away. His weak defenses and lack of initial attack means wait for an opening to weaken your opponent. Then when your opponent strikes block and strike faster. Once the Orochi kills he returns to the shadow to stalk another kill. An opponent switching between attacks and unblock-ables makes it hard for the Orochi to dodge or defend against incoming attacks. Being overwhelmed and outnumbered will not be without its sacrifices. Only being able to parry attacks when the Orochi are outnumbered makes it really hard for the Orochi to defend. With multiple attacks coming in multiple ways you have to match each attack simultaneously, as another attack comes in making counter-attacks nearly impossible. You will become a sitting duck at the mercy of your foes.

I love this game and I can't wait to see more from for honor