View Full Version : Freindly fire needs to do more damage

01-30-2017, 10:28 PM
Friendly fire right now is obsolete/useless as it does no dmg at all and will never cause a death by accident from your teamates , when i first saw friendly fire was a thing i though it would be like a mechanic you could use at your advantage , not just some visual thing to make the game look more realistic , if friendly fire did a resonable amount of dmg , then getting 3v1ed or even 4v1ed would be much easyer to handle and harder to manage for the enemie team as one bad swing towards the wrong dirrection could heavily injure or kill your teamate , they would have to be much more carefull about 4v1ing, right now its not the case , when you get 3v1ed or 4v1 people just spam attacks like crazy and u just end up being butchered because they dont do any dmg to each other.

i tested it against bots to see how low is the dmg on friendly fire , and its ridiculous , my bot had a pixel of life left , and it took about 5light attacks to take him down, i trew a few heavys in ther as well, friendly fire is irrelevent right now, Even if the friendly fire dmg was DOUBLED it still would be really low , i hope they look into that and make it more severe , it would give 4v1 a more strategic feel than what it is right now ( spam attacks till the target is dead).

yeah i know revenge mode is ther but even with revenge mode if 4people just go ham at the same time at you , you wont win that fight , you might take one or two down with you but thats all. Ive only survived one 4v1 and its REALLY hard to pull off , 3v1 is easyer but still hard and 2v1 is just easy , but for people who have a reall hard time against unfair fights , the friendly fire being relevent would be such a good mechanic to help you out in these kind of situations.

The Tzeentch
01-30-2017, 10:33 PM
I also think that there should be more FF damage but at same time I think that 1v2 1v3 or even 1v4 are balanced well enought allredy. You realy arent suppose to win 1v4 situations but some times when you are able it is really cool moment, i would compare feeling being closely how i felt holding my just born child for a first time.

01-30-2017, 10:39 PM
Oh no FF does do damage. It's a small amount though. I've been killed by Tm's which is quite annoying. But it promotes more thoughtful play that. I wish however FF did more damage or did full damage.

Also killing a TM should penalize your re spawn by 3. So if you kill all your Tm's then that's 21 seconds to respawn. Or 24 if you get executed.

01-30-2017, 10:58 PM
Higher friendly fire damage would be interesting and force people to actually flank you from all sides to not hit each other instead of all facing you from one directing and killing their teammates. I like the idea.