View Full Version : For Honor Review

01-30-2017, 05:14 PM
Ok, i was so excited about this game and i still am a little. But i think there is still a lot of work on this game.
Graphics are more than ok, gameplay could be a bit smoother. And the controlls are a little complicated IMO.
The 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 are boring and i realy dont understand what they do in the game. I hope there wil be a singleplayer and some more 4 vs 4 game modes.
Because playing 4 vs 4 all the time with running from zone A to B and C is boring. After 1 hour i had enough of it for a few hours.
What i didnt liked is the fact there were many people leaving or DCing, but you have that in every online game i guess.
The leveling system and rewards are looking good. I didnt played all the characters but they looked balanced. The ones with the shields were hard to beat but ok.

So i hope they do something about the controlls and put some more gamemodes in the 4 vs 4. Capture the flag, hold 1 base or something else.
The game is ok but gets bored after a while.
A knight, viking and samourai is a great basic to create a realy good game, is For Honor that?
I dont know yet, the full edition and time will tell.

Sorry about the bad English, not my home language.