View Full Version : For Honor Beta Samurai Faction

01-30-2017, 10:27 AM
So Hello all :)

Well i hafe Played the Close Beta a Couple Hours as my fav FactionSamurai
Orochi only Prestige lvl 1 and its realy fun i like The Concept of the Samurai how they Look, and how they Fight.
but the Orochi Armor well... they dont look like a Samurai Realy looks... The Helmets are hmmm They dont Look like real Samurai helmets...
Why no Facemask for Orochi Helmets ? The Kensai Helmets hafe Masks thats Right thats how a Samurai Helmet Looks in War times.
The Orochi Helmets needs some Leather or Wooden Facemasks, Why ? well its Hystorical Correct... Samuraii Helmets hafe Allways a Facemask on it in War times not in Freedom times, sure the orochi hafes some mask on but thats not a correct mask thats a Barbuta... and in Hystorie you will never see a Samurai look s Like that... I realy Love the Game, it Runns Perfect, the Fight System is Realy Cool and Unique so far :). i Def Buy the game i hafe Preordering it Since the first Day you can do this, but Please Ubisoft let the Samurai Look like Samurai and not like an Combination of Samurai and somthing Else... all Factions looking Great the Vikings realy awesom Real, the Kinights and there Armore are Realy Awesome only the Samurai... The Kensai looks great, the Nobushi too, but the Orochi ?... please reworke the Helmets and Armor a bit The Kensai is a Heavy Armor wearing Samurai and so they looks, the Orochi ( the Traditional Samurai) wears Medium Leather Armor.. in the Game they look like Light Armored ^^.

But all in all the Game is Awesome, the complete System of the Game, the Maps, the Factions realy nice done, i hope this game hafe some Chance on the Market ,all 3 Legendary Factions in a War together thats so Awesome :D, Sorry for my bit bad English damn Legasthenic..

Keep the fine work up Ubisoft , dont make the Game bad in the End ;)