View Full Version : Speaking of BlackBeard (RBS)

01-30-2017, 09:44 AM
Some characters are meant to be overpowered. It is what it is. Look on the BB in Rainbow Six Siege: now with 60hp on his glass-shield he's forgotten, abandoned and useless, but when he had 800hp or even 150 he was glorious, unstoppable and annoying as hell. :) And pretty much in every game he was picked, which is the main pointer at overpowered character, i think it's obvious. But he was meant to be this way! He's not guilty! Look what they did. They gave him everything, and now they take it away. His beard is wet cause of the tears. Glasses fogged up. He walking alone with a snotty nose. He don't want to live anymore!.. Ok, but what is all about. Now look at Peacekeeper and Orochi. Grab, which provides power blow. Grab, which takes away half of hp. Counter-attack with a free damage. Fastest attacks (0,5 sec for easy hit). That's what obvious and comes on my mind first. Also, the most selectable characters in the beta. For example, Berserker is far less have been chosen one. Why? Because he are the only assassin, who'se actually difficult to learn. Make his infinite combo a bit faster and he will be OP too. So, what i'm about: peacekeeper and orochi are meant to be that way, cause this is what they are in their core. I don't want to say: hell, take their power back! I've learn them a bit, because every player playing the same tactic with orochi or peacekeeper, even the same sequence of attacks, but it still hard, very hard to counter, specially in 4x4 when it's 2vs1 and etc. What i want to say: they're pretty easy to learn and fight well. So, don't forget about that, when you starting to think you are skilled warrior. :) These characters gave you that option as a gift.