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01-30-2017, 07:08 AM
So I got into the beta and was excited as I have waited for this game for some time now. Overall I had a blast, but that was not without its issues or concerns.
Ive beta tested alot of games in my time, so I understand and expect alot of the issues that occurred in this beta. Please understand I come from MMO's and am more into open world pvp, and generally do not play moba's- so my opinion is simply my own.

Once I loaded the game and seen the into trailer, I became more excited to jump in game and just start playing- which is exactly what I did. Skipping the tutorial and all- I went straight into a Dominion match. That was probably a mistake, because I didnt know how to really do anything lol. I eventually played the tutorial, and I guess it explains things well enough for you to at least understand the combat system. I actually love the game. The combat is pretty awesome in idea- some of it is clunky, at least on pc. Blocking sometimes does not work, as well as the interrupt. That could be due to the p2p issue, but I did notice alot of network disconnects in the middle of matches, people teleporting all the sudden, or frozen on a ladder. It is beta so I understand these kind of issues. The concern is, if its due to the p2p, then it will probably be a consistent problem once the game launches. Which would be bad for the longevity of the game.

Which brings me to my personal concern of longevity. There are only a few modes with a few maps. Can it keep my attention? I dont know, especially coming from mmo's, where you live in a virtual world. For Honor is level/gear up on modes/maps by playing them 3 billion times, only so you can keep playing the same modes/maps.... Again this is just my opinion, but that seems like a waste to me. Like what are we gearing for? Just to play the same thing that I played to get the gear? I wished theyd have done this game much like Destiny or The Division, where the world/campaign so to speak, is somehow connected to the pvp matches.... I do hope theyadd more modes, as well as bigger maps with more players than 4v4....

As for the customization- it was pretty decent. Had alot of options as far as symbols, and colors. Would like to see facial customization and hair/beard etc.... It be nice to change my viking beard to a 3 braid, or long hair etc....

Weapon and armor options seem pretty good. Id love to see more weapon and armor options though. Like with Warlord, would like to use a one handed axe instead of a sword, but its not that big of a deal. I do love the fact that gear does not carry you. A Reputation 1 gear score 55, can be beaten by brand new player at level 1, as long as its played right. Would like better descriptions of what the gear stats do...

As for class balance- for the most part, I feel the classes are pretty balanced. There were a few issues with balance that I found- that being the samurai faction seem to be a little overpowered in that they are so fast and still do alot of damage especially the Nobushi. After playing most of the classes, I was able to kill most anybody with the Nobushi spamming 1 or 2 moves- the speed and range Nobushi has is powerful, add in the amount of dps, and the dot it puts out, and she is overpowered. For the most part though, the classes seem pretty balanced.

Conclusion, is that even though there were issues and that Im not generally a moba player- I love the game, combat, classes, theme, graphics and will be buying it. I do hope they fix the issues the game has, especially the p2p issue. Right now Im trying to decide if I want to play it on pc or Xbox 1- considering on pc the block and interrupt seem really clunky and bad response time, and Ive heard the xbox didnt have that issue.

You can check out some of my Beta gameplay/experience @
https://www.twitch.tv/ashvau/manager/past_broadcasts (https://www.twitch.tv/ashvau/manager/past_broadcasts)

01-30-2017, 09:53 AM
is there issues with delay on pc for blocking? as i started to think i couldnt be this bad

i was just blocking and not working well using xbox pad