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01-30-2017, 05:30 AM

Feels like a mash-up between a fighting game and dark souls. There seems to be a great deal of depth to the baseline combat mechanics; combined with the individual differences between the heroes there's a ton to learn and master. Parries, dodges, blocks, guard breaks and counter breaks, positioning, environment usage. Very good feeling after you get used to it. During the learning process the combat system can appear clunky and unwieldy at times, until you learn that the game plays fluidly once you have a better grasp of the defensive mechanics and utilizing proper combos.

I like the moments that are produced with the revenge system, defending against 2 or 3 opponents and either holding them off long enough. Smashing them for just spamming attacks is rewarding. For 1v1s though, (I might be mistaken about the way the meter works), focusing on just defending to build a meter so I can enjoy uninterruptible attacks more frequently than my opponent feels gamey.


Graphically the game looks good. I enjoy the aesthetic of the period, and the heroes all feel unique, and I haven't had performance issues on my system, which is nice.


It's hard a hard thing to pin down exactly what it does and doesn't do well with only a few hours of play-time. The feedback of sound effects during combat jump out at times for certain characters and abilities. Like the Raider (I think) cracking your skull after a charge into a wall, or the spear-woman (Ona bushi?) doing her 3 hit light attack combo while getting a bleed, cap-stoned with some ****-talking in her gravelly, angry voice.

GAME MODES - Only played the 4v4. I enjoyed it. The central push, addition of complexity with what amount to summoner spells (for lack of better knowledge) and dueling for point control all felt very good, and created exciting moments of game-play.

^ Those are my generally positive first impressions


No dedicated servers. Peer to peer sucks for a competitive game. People disconnecting and being replaced with bots mid-match, host switching creating latency issues. It feels like a lack of support from Ubisoft. Speculation - They don't want to gamble on reserving hardware on new intellectual property, which may not make them a bunch of money.

Speculation aside, the draw of this game for me is based on interactions between players in a competitive environment, and as such it NEEDS dedicated servers in order to allow a smooth and enjoyable online experience.

No guarantee that there will be dedicated servers down the line from Ubisoft. That is a pretty nasty blow to confidence that the game will offer a large and enjoyable multiplayer experience months down the line.


Cool - From what I see there is an in game currency that you can earn through play or pay to unlock things.

Not cool - Some of the items you unlock have a direct impact on your abilities in combat.

Pay to progress, in a system with heavy grinding will create an environment where people who have spent extra money will have an objective advantage in build diversity, and be more able to use that to their advantage. They'll have an easier time being able to gravitate towards the extremes in creating builds (stamina recovery, block damage or what-have-you).

Yes the gear will come with negatives proportional to the positives, but it still leads to imbalance in the grind to the level cap, and at cap, leads to imbalance between those that have rare gear, which you can buy in crates, and those that do not because it hasn't dropped for them yet.

IF the idea is to create build diversity, why attach stats to gear at all? Make all gear cosmetic, and instead attach a skill point system to the leveling that function the same way acquiring gear does. This way you have your build diversity, people have something to grind towards/spend money on, there is more player control over builds, and there is not the ****ty feeling of random drops having a REAL impact on performance.

Tie that in with a system that restricts players to certain level ranges to only be able to play against each other (make it toggle-able for people that want quicker queues). Boom, you have a better system balance-wise. Hit level cap, progression done, now I can focus on looking cool and gitting gud.

I understand that there is a large skill-cap, and that good players with solid understandings of the mechanics will trounce those that haven't built the knowledge. But all things considered equal, someone that's got more stamina recovery or damage or longer revenge or what-have-you, because rares have dropped for them, or they forked over money for crates, and you didn't, it leads to a ****ty game-play experience.

IF however the idea is to make the grind slow, offer flawed balancing because of some player retention/vs micro-transaction revenue earned model is the mode of operation. Hell. No.

Those are my first impressions. I won't be buying the game until there is dedicated server support, or the business model changes. I enjoy good video games. This is a good video game. I want it to be better.

TL;DR - I've played a few hours of the closed beta, and I really enjoy the game-play itself. But as I've thought about the flaws present in the game, explored the micro-transaction system they have in place, and compared to the initial price. I can't bring myself to buy it.

01-31-2017, 01:21 AM
Did a bit more research regarding P2P, and the gear in 1v1 and 2v2. I understand a little better now the design compromises that need to happen in order to make a game like this work in PVP.

I've decided I'll wait some time and give it a try if it's not plagued with massive problems. The knee-capping of dominion aside, I like the combat enough to try it for the 1v1 and 2v2, I think. I really want the dominion side to be balanced though :/.

01-31-2017, 01:39 AM
Thanks for writing up your feedback, Seppyno!

01-31-2017, 06:11 PM
I would like to be able to break down the found gear for steel, and or get more steel per matches. I'm not a fan of random chests but this didn't seem too too bad in this one. I'll likely end up dumping a couple 100 into it though which is annoying since I already paid for gold