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01-30-2017, 04:13 AM
Overall really love the game .i can llive with beta bugs .

I hope the full game will be filled with surprises, extra , better maps etc ...

major point for me :

- XP and money gain should be attributed according to your own performance during the battle .Right now it just mean NOTHING you gain the same either you win or loose. RIGHT ?

-very big dislike ! Whats up with pastel mint green purple or light blue colors when you are defense ...Its ugly !! If I take time to customize my Hero I actually want other player including myself to appreciate it .On top of that your teamate cannot spot you easily with your current dress cause it changes all the time

I am very surprise that i am the only one who bring this out .Any one else ?

I see a lot of post about the guard break and how unbalance the samurai are. I disagree the game and the fighter and the control are just fine

and yes I like the idea of a bigger emblem on the VS screen