View Full Version : NO COLOR in Anno 1602 - Everything is black and white - HELP!!!

01-30-2017, 03:46 AM
Hi guys,

i just bought Anno 1602 on gog.com and was very excited to play it once again. :rolleyes: It's one of my all-time favorite classics. :o

Unfortunately everything is black and white when i start it up. Both the menu and the game look like greyscale. There is no color!!! :'(

I took a screenshots to show you what it looks like, but when i paste the screenshot into paint, it looks totally different then what i saw when i was in the game. It comes out almost completely black with some color. Wtf? :confused: So i took another picture with my phone. I'll attach both pictures for you to see.

I tried a lot of the popular fixes online that deal with color-fixes, like disabling windows explorer, but nothing worked. Other people have the rainbow-color problem, where the colors get mixed up, but i havent found anybody with my exact problem (black and white).

Im running windows 7 home on a HP Pavilion g6.

Please help!! :(

Thank you! :)



03-10-2017, 04:51 AM
I can't recall the keys, but PrnScreen doesn't actually work right with 02, you can screenshot, but i dont remember how right now. Prnscreen does what you have above.... Do you have your gamma way to one way or the other that often makes games be black or white. Just tried to remember but really not sure, I know it has a way to do it.