View Full Version : My Thoughts,Suggestions,& Overall Feedback

01-30-2017, 03:42 AM
It's a great game.I can play it all day.Actually....come to think of it.....I have.I only have a few minor possibly major problems with the game.

An actual 3 faction-restricted team battle

Encourage honorable fights(1v1) in Dominion not at the expense of dishonorable fights(Ganging).For example,bonus experience or renown for honorable fights.

Put the game's score on scoreboard

A different move other than Shoulder Bash for Warden.Something less situational.

Make all characters Unblockable Moves exert more stamina to reduce spamming.

Add options like the symbols on armor for weapons.For example,inscriptions to swords & daggers,carvings to wooden weapons & shields,& ornaments to non-sword weapons like pole-arms.

Overall Feedback
Fun game that has potential.Just needs a few improvements & new content regularly.

Also,does anyone know what the season pass includes?